Transneft PCD, LLC is completing the transfer of three tanks to Tikhoretskaya OTSD for storage of diesel fuel

Date of publication: 21 September 2017 Print

Transneft PCD, LLC is completing the transfer of three vertical steel tanks (VST) to Tikhoretskaya oil transshipment depot (OTSD) for storage of diesel fuel

The work is performed to the extent of the 1st stage of Yug Project, which included revamping of Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk oil trunk pipelines with conversion of the pipeline for delivery of diesel fuel and construction of loopings to increase the capacity of the existing oil trunk pipelines. The purpose of this stage of Yug Project is to ensure delivery of diesel fuel at Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk section to Novorossiysk port for further export.

Hydraulic tests, dismantling of floating roofs and corrosion-resistant coating of the inside surface of the three tanks of Tikhoretskaya OTSD with the capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters each were completed with the assistance of Chernomortransneft. The tanks are intended for storage of diesel fuel that is being pumped to the direction of Sheskharis TC (Transshipment Complex)  (Novorossiysk).

At present installation of grille flooring of VST and tank equipment is being completed. Completion of the said work is planned for the end of September 2017.