Transneft PSD Reviews Charitable Activities in 2017

Date of publication: 31 January 2018 Print

Transneft PSD has summed up its charitable activities and targeted assistance to socially-oriented institutions in 2017.

For instance, the Directorate assisted 20 organizations located in Saratov, Volgograd, Bryansk, Tambov, Penza, Orel and Krasnodar Regions. The help was received by orphanages, rehabilitation centers for minors, veteran houses, and art schools. More than 90% of them are located in remote settlements.  With the financial support from Transneft PSD, the institutions repaired their buildings and purchased new furniture, clothes for children, multimedia systems, kitchen equipment and air conditioners.

“We do our best so that our children don’t differ from their peers from happy families. We provide them with clothes and stationery so that they do not feel disadvantaged.  We used the funds provided by Transneft PSD to purchase several upholstered furniture sets, 30 small chairs for the musical room and some 50 clothing sets for children, including 38 warm jackets,” Olga Klimanova, Director of the Aistenok centre in Michurinsk, noted.

Musical instruments, computers and equipment for interactive learning were purchased for art schools in Rostov and Volgograd Region with the money allocated by Transneft PSD.

Moreover, the company provided support to Nizhnekhopersky Nature Park where the fencing of the alley which was built to commemorate Mikhail Sholokhov’s 100th Anniversary is now restored. Transneft PSD financial support was used to build children’s amusement rides the city park of Pochep District, Bryansk Region, and repair the roof of the administration’s building in the Korenovsky park in Krasnodar Region.

Transneft PSD has traditionally provided comprehensive support to the elderly and WWII veterans. Money was allocated to buy new furniture for the Veterans’ House where 28 elderly and disabled people reside in Verkhovsky District, Orel Region.