Transneft PCD Pulls Siphon through Underwater Crossing of Novovelichkovskaya –Krasnodar OTP in Krasnodar Territory

Date of publication: 29 June 2018 Print

Transneft PCD has pulled a siphon under the Kryukovsky discharge canal, as part of the project for construction of the Novovelichkovskaya – Krasnodar oil trunk pipeline’s line portion for supplying sour crude oil. The siphon’s length totalled 390 metres.

A siphon is an oil pipeline section laid across a natural or a man-made obstacle: under the stream bed of a river or a channel, along the bottom of a deep gully, under a motor road or a railway. A siphon is comprised of several pipes that are first welded into a string (a stalk) and then pulled through a prepared well.

The underwater crossing under the Kryukovsky discharge canal was made by directional drilling, which envisioned an extra dry pigging of the siphon yet at the preparation phase. An inline inspection tool (a combined magnetic flaw detector manufactured by Transneft Diascan) was run through the pipeline at a mounting platform after hydraulic testing of the welded stalks. No defects were detected.

Preparations for the second phase of hydraulic testing are currently underway.

In-line inspection of another siphon to be pulled under MK-2 Discharge Canal in Krasnodar Territory has also been completed within the project. 329 metres of the pipeline with the diameter of 530 mm was inspected. No defects were detected.

All construction and installation works at the underwater crossings are scheduled to be completed in August 2018.

For reference

Acting as a technical customer, Transneft – Pipeline Construction Directorate has started implementing the project for Construction of the Novovelichkovskaya – Krasnodar Oil Trunk Pipeline for Sour Crude Oil Delivery, Phase II. Construction of the Line Portion for a Pipeline Offshoot to a Refinery with a PIG Trap in early 2018.

The construction project is aimed at linking Novovelichkovskaya oil pumping station to Afipsky and Ilsky refineries in Krasnodar Territory. The pipeline is expected to be used for pumping sour crude oil at the design capacity of 4.5 MPTA.

Construction of more than 50 km of line portion is planned within the project that also provides for expansion of Novovelichkovskaya oil pumping station: PS No. 3 will be built in proximity to it.