Transneft PCD Welds 2.5 Thousand km of Trunk Pipelines

Date of publication: 01 February 2019

Transneft PCD has summed up the interim results of the work on welding of oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines since the beginning of its operations. The Company was formed at the end of 2013 and started construction and installation works in early 2014. From that moment on, Transneft PCD has enabled welding of 2,5 thousand km of oil trunk pipelines (OTPs) and petroleum products trunk pipelines (PPTPs).

Since 2014, work has been carried out at such oil trunk pipelines as the Tikhoretsk–Novorossiysk, Novovelichkovskaya–Krasnodar, Kuibyshev–Unecha–Mozyr, Kuibyshev–Tikhoretsk, Gorky–Ryazan-2 and Kuibyshev–Lysychansk, as well as at the Kuibyshev–Bryansk, Volgograd–Tikhoretsk, Volgograd Refinery–Tinguta IPS, Ufa–West and Novki–Ryazan petroleum products trunk pipelines.

More than 28 km have already been welded since the beginning of 2019.

For reference:

Transneft Pipeline Construction Directorate acts as the technical customer during the implementation of construction and revamping programmes for Transneft’s operational facilities in 23 regions of the European part of Russia.

Today, the Company is implementing large-scale projects under the Development Programme for Transneft Volga Region, Chernomortransneft, Transneft Druzhba, Transneft Upper Volga and Transneft Urals. It is building unique manufacturing facilities for Russian Electric Motors, Transneft Oil Pumps and Transneft Synthesis for the purpose of import substitution.

The Directorate faces major challenges: organising expert examinations, arranging for design and survey works, obtaining permits, preparing for competitive procedures, coordinating and monitoring construction processes, revamping and modernising pipelines and oil transportation facilities.

The Company is responsible for construction and renovation of the whole range of facilities that make part of the pipeline system: oil and petroleum products pipes, oil pumping stations and tank farms, specialised facilities like railroad loading racks for accepting petroleum products into the pipeline system.

Photo: Revamping of the Kuibyshev–Lisichansk OTP. Mechanical cleaning of a weld root from slag and spatter. Saratov Region. 2014.

Photo: Construction of the Volgograd–Tikhoretsk petroleum products trunk pipeline’s underwater crossing of the Manych River in Rostov Region. 2017.

Photo: Construction of the Novovelichkovskaya–Krasnodar OTP’s line. Krasnodar Territory. 2018