Transneft PCD Buys Equipment for Intensive Care Unit at Internal Medicine Department of Samara City Hospital No. 10

Date of publication: 29 March 2019

Transneft PCD has provided a charitable donation for the purpose of purchasing equipment and creating an intensive care unit at the department of internal medicine in Samara City Hospital No. 10. Medical beds with anti-decubitus mattresses, oxygen concentrators, a nebuliser, a single-channel syringe pump and pulse oximeters were purchased. The unit is designed for two patients and operates without any downtime.

According to Valery Karpenko, the head physician of the hospital, the department of internal medicine has never had such a unit, although it was urgently needed. First of all, this was due to the fact that previously, seriously ill patients had to be transported to the intensive care unit, and it took time, but sometimes there is simply no time. Now, the hospital staff has the opportunity to stabilise the patient’s condition first and then move them to intensive care.

Every year, Transneft PCD is engaged in charity. Charitable assistance is provided not only to health care facilities, but also to preschool and educational institutions, social rehabilitation centres and cultural institutions.