Petroleum Products Pipelines Sections Connected at Small Water Courses in Bryansk, Penza and Tambov Regions

Date of publication: 25 June 2020

Transneft PCD, as a technical customer, has completed the technological connection of the newly constructed sections of the Ufa – West and Section No. 42 petroleum products trunk pipeline (PPTP) through small water courses in Bryansk, Penza and Tambov Regions.

As part of the revamping, a set of works was completed on the PPTP sections construction, including the following stages: digging out and backfilling of trenches, welding and laying of pipelines, dragging of siphons and returning of the fertile soil layer.

During a scheduled 96-hour shutdown of petroleum products transportation, specialists connected the underwater crossings of the Ufa – West PPTP via the Oryev River in Bashmakovsky District of Penza Region and the Malaya Yaroslavka River in Nikiforovsky District of Tambov Region.

At the Section No. 42 PPTP, the sections crossing the Rassukha, Prud Rivers in Unechsky District and the Titva River in Starodubsky District of Bryansk Region were connected. The repairs were conducted for 72 hours during a shutdown of petroleum products transportation.

The total length of the five sections is about 3,65 km. 228 people were involved in the works. Before connection, a full range of hydraulic tests and in-line inspections was carried out. Revamping of these sections is to be completed in autumn.

The reconstruction of the Ufa – West and Section No. 42 PPTP is carried out as part of Transneft Druzhba’s technical upgrading programme aimed at increasing the operational reliability and environmental safety of its pipeline transport facilities.

Petroleum products transportation was resumed in accordance with the schedule; the petroleum products pipelines are operating under the standard protocol.