Social responsibility in respect of the Company as a whole, and of its specific members is a top priority for Transneft PCD. This is precisely why charity is in focus.

From its very establishment, the Directorate stood out as a socially responsible company and commenced proactive efforts in donating to charities in the regions of its operations.

In 2015, Transneft (Transneft, JSC before June 30, 2016) adopted the Corporate Charity Policy that defined the following main principles of activities in this field:

  • consistency and targeted nature of charitable contributions;
  • efficiency in application of funds;
  • publicity, media coverage of the Company’s charity projects;
  • implementing charity programmes both independently and in partnership with organisations professionally engaged in charity projects in various fields;
  • priority on participating in charity projects in regions of Transneft subsidiaries’ operations.

Transneft PCD is likewise committed to the above principles. In 2014–2018, the Company offered charity support to 96 charity recipients, first and foremost to social institutions —nursery schools, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres located in the areas of construction operations. The Directorate management adhere to the targeted nature of charity. We must be confident that the aid is given to those who really need it!