Social policy

Team building and motivation are the key objectives of Transneft PCD’s social policy. Employee rights and social guarantees are strictly observed due to a number of regulations:

Regulations on Social Benefits, Guarantees and Compensations for Employees of Transneft PCD. The document is a fundamental organisational and methodological guideline setting forth general requirements for payments of significant benefits, guarantees, and compensations intended to ensure the welfare of Transneft PCD employees and their families.

Regulations on Compensations to Transneft PCD Employees due to Relocation. Due to tremendous staff mobility, the Company’s employees regularly must face the issue of moving to other locations of business units. The document sets forth the main regulations regarding payments to employees of Transneft PCD who arrive for permanent employment from other regions (constituent entities) of the Russian Federation, and due to inter-company reassignments linked to relocation to other regions (constituent entities) of the Russian Federation.

Regulations on Provision and Recompensing the Cost of Trips to Health Resorts and Children’s Holiday Camps to Transneft PCD Employees and their Families. Maintaining health of employees and their families is an integral part of the Company’s social tasks. The employees who have stayed with the Company for more than 1 year are entitled to partial recompense of costs of recreation and treatment at health resorts of the Russian Federation once in two years.

Regulations on Voluntary Health Insurance of Employees, their Families and Former Employees Who Retired from Transneft PCD. The corporate health insurance is intended to guarantee medical aid to a Company employee upon occurrence of an insured event. Each employee of Transneft PCD receives a voluntary health insurance (VHI) from the SOGAZ insurance company, and can optionally obtain policies for his/her family members on special terms.

Regulations on Voluntary Accident and Sickness Insurance for Employees of Transneft PCD. The document harmonises terms of voluntary accident and sickness insurance for Company employees. The purpose of accident insurance is securing recompense in case harm is inflicted to life or health of an insured Transneft PCD employee.

The corporate life of the Company’s employees is not limited to regulations. The Directorate organises flu and tick-borne encephalitis vaccination for the Company’s employees and recompenses gym membership costs for them. Many workers lead healthy lifestyles, taking an active part in table tennis, Russian billiard, chess and other events arranged by the Company. Employees’ recreational activities are another sphere of interest for Transneft PCD, so the Company covers the cost of tours to sanatoriums and health resorts for both its workers and their children. The Company also covers the traveling costs of its employees who opt for spending their vacation and recreation time in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Company’s employees and their families take an active part in the Close-Knit Family corporate program for families of Transneft employees.